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The Dental Implant Advantage

Half the Size

Smaller size means less bone is required. Costly, painful and time-consuming bone grafts are not necessary.

Less Healing Time

Mini-implants are smaller so placing them is less invasive. That means less pain, less discomfort, and fewer visits to the dentist.

Immediate Results

Because mini-implants are less invasive healing time is much quicker. That means your new teeth can be fitted almost immediately, many times in as little as one day.

No More Decay

Implants are made of titanium, the same material as artificial joints, therefore they are not subject to decay.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in a dentist chair and I can tell you Dr. Loewen is at the top of my list.”


“The implant and work that Dr. Loewen has done for me, has made a wonderful difference. I would recommend Dr. Loewen to anyone, anytime.”


“When he said it wasn’t going to be that bad, it really wasn’t that bad.”


“He said, you’re going to smile. By the time you leave my office you will be smiling.”


“I’ve had steak. I’ve had corn-on-the-cob. I have no problem chewing at all.”


“Dr. Loewen did a good job and I am impressed with what I got out of what I spent. I wished I had done this years ago.”


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